After these messages…

we’ll be right back!

Sorry for the downtime in posts. Weekends are our family time a.k.a. the only daylight hours that we have together to run errands, (maybe) clean the house, catch up with friends together, visit family, etc.

We work opposite shifts during the week, so K goes to work in the morning before W gets up.  We don’t see each other until late at night when W gets home–10pm or later. It’s pretty normal for us–we’ve been on this schedule for over 6 years now. But it means our weekends are even more hectic and life-filled and there isn’t a lot of time to write or even think about blogging. If we’re lucky, we get to sleep in and have a few afternoons of laziness on a Saturday.

So we are back to posting now that the weekend is over. In fact, we have some posts ready to launch starting tonight. So stay tuned!


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