Inappropriately Rude Answers to Inappropriately Personal Questions

Love this. Want to laugh because you totes have been asked these questions? And then cry for humanity? Here you go.

(P.S. K knows the real Maxabillian and this is even funnier imagined in their very sarcastic voice.)


I’ve been away from the computer for a while for a few reasons. We had a busy Easter week, I accidentally broke my computer (and MDL’s computer, too, oops), and the biggest reason, we had some pregnancy complications. Everyone is okay now, but we had to deal with a good number of medical professionals in that time, and it is exhausting. MDL and I made a list of some questions we have been asked, some we are dreading being asked, and the answers we wish we could give people.

  • How did you conceive? It was pretty easy. Would you like a reenactment?
  • Who is the real father? I am. I am also the real Slim Shady.
  • You’re transgender? Have you had the surgery? I am also very interested in your genitals. Please show them to me now.
  • What is the baby going to call you? She’s going to call me…

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