23 Weeks to Birth: The Countdown to Baby T. Rex Saga (and a final update from K&W)


old friends and new!

Since we stopped actively updating QFM, a lot has happened. We continue to get hundreds of hits per month from all over the U.S. and world, so we’ll keep the site up until it stops being relevant or helpful. Since we started on this path, we’ve met more and more queer families making parenting decisions and the procedures themselves are becoming more accessible to folks with limited income. We’ve still got a lot to fight for to make the decision to parent or not to parent accessible to all!

Another thing that happened since we’ve last updated the blog is that KaeLyn blogged through her pregnancy for Autostraddle, where she’s a staff writer. We’ve included the links to that whole series here! Enjoy! We are so grateful for the people we connected with through this blog and the path it sent us on as parents. ❤ K&W

(Countdown to Baby T. Rex Links below the jump)

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Crying Over MasterChef Junior and Halfway There (23 Weeks)
The first installment of the column! A recap of the day we took the at-home pregnancy test in a random hotel room in NYC plus broccoli feelings, fetal arm stump photos, baby room decor choices, and lots more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: “Mommy” Feelings and Dinosaur Mobiles (25 Weeks)
Overprocessing my queer hard femme mom feelings plus gestational diabetes updates, the decision to not find out the assigned sex, cat stuff, and lots more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Sipping My Way Into the Third Trimester (27 Weeks)
Dealing with gendered expectations with a cis queer femme and a non-binary trans MOC parent in a heteronormative world plus dino wall decals, dehydration issues, reclaiming baby wearing as a Korean mom, and lots more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Pregnant Adoptee Feelings and Dino Decal Decisions (29 Weeks)
All my complex pregnant adoptee feelings processed in live time plus touching my belly, creating a badass baby library, the best and worst pregnancy symptoms, and more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Crying Over My Multigrain Waffles and Whimsical Onesies (31 Weeks)
What the Pulse Orlando shooting taught me about the depth of a parent’s love for their child plus baby ASL sign language, our shower, a whole lot of onesies and more!

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Loving My Fat Mama Self and Itchy All Over (33 Weeks)
Navigating the co-opting and fetishizing of my body by pregnancy as a proud fat femme plus birth class, pickle appreciation, more gestational diabetes stuff, going to birth class, obnoxious itchy scratchies, and more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Embracing Queer Family and Adorable Dino Couture (35 Weeks)
Loving being pregnant at Pride as an escape from “performing pregnancy” plus my hospital bag, searching for QPOC mom safe spaces, breastfeeding anxiety, a dino baby couture rack show, and more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: The Non-Gestational Parent Perspective and My Enduring Love for Pickles (37 Weeks)

KaeLyn interviews Waffle for the non-gestational parent point-of-view plus the joy of a baby crushing and reorganizing your internal organs, the privilege of parenting as a decision, my hard femme nursing wardrobe, diaper bags, and more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Saying Goodbye to Our Childfree Days and Queer-Friendly Baby Books (39 Weeks)
Coping with the end of my child-free life plus pregnancy acupuncture, NFL baby gear, our birth plan, queer-inclusive baby book options, my struggle with hidradenitis suppurativa, and more.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: The Seven Stages of Waiting (41 Weeks)
Waiting is the actual worst so I wrote a diary of everything we did while we waited for the damn baby plus gestational diabetes wind down, happy cats, and preparing for a Virgo/Leo cusp baby.

Countdown to Baby T. Rex: Remi is Here, Labor is Hard, and Mesh Undies Are Glorious
Our birth story, in all its glorious, gory, beautiful, terrible realness plus letting go of perfect birth plans, mesh undies, Waffle’s non-gestational birth perspective, and breastfeeding complications.


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