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2 thoughts on “Submit to QFM

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  2. Hello Everyone !

    i’m new to this site or to blogging im having some problems and i would like some help plz

    my wife and i have been together for almost 6 years and we have a 8 year old girl and we are having problems with her some here is some info about our daughter.

    So last year my daughter stole 100 from my sister in law and she took the money to school and try to buy books at the bookfair. We talked to her about it and she was sorry we made her apologies to my sister in law also she didnt have any access to any devices. she was really sorry and said she wont do it again.
    Every time she ask for a dollar pr 2 we always say no. book fair comes and we dont get anything. we only get things when she needs it and when i think about it i dont think is good enough but it still hasnt change.

    2 weeks ago her teacher send me a tone to give her a call after talking to the teacher she told me my daughter hasnt been acting the same since december (my brother and his girlfriend were staying with us and moved out due to family drama) and she stole pencils from the teacher. i spoke to my daughter and she doesnt know why she did it and she gave the pencils back to the teacher and she apologies. o and also since december her grades went from one c to all her classes C. so i spoke to her and i told her that better not happen again or she will get kick out of school also told her that her grades need to get better otherwise she wont go to the next grade with her friends, told her i want her to come and tell me if she needs something or wants something.

    i also told her we were going to start over. i went to her school and i asked for the counselor to meet with her and see what can she see. we live in FL away from all our family so my brother moving back to a different state could have made her unhappy. she spends a lot of time in her room alone. i work as a stylist so when i get home i dont have energy for much and my wife doesnt talk much. So me and my wife had talked about getting her a phone but we didnt because we didnt like the prices so since i feel my daughter is sad and may feel alone i told her i was going to see if i can get her a phone so she can talk to my parents and brother also with my mother in law and she was happy about i also told her she wold need to have good grades and CANNOT take stuff that isnt hers but my wife doesnt think is a great idea because she is not getting better but how i see it is that we have to try something different. She is the only kid in school with 2 moms , her friends bring money for stuff, she only get new stuff when she needs it , kids her ages have phone, we dont get her books or do much out…….. PS my mom is willing to her the phone and make the monthy payments

    pls any opinion or ideas will help thanks

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