Meet the Furkids

Growing up, we both had many beloved pets. Bless our parents for helping us care for all those critters. W’s first best kitty friend was Thomas. Thomas only loved W and hid from pretty much everyone else. Thomas was also a female cat–let’s not read too much into why W named her Thomas–he says it was because it sounded like “miss” to his little kid ears.

K grew up with dogs and cats, but her first pet that was all her own was Rosie the guinea pig. Rosie loved broccoli and kale and making adorable noises.

K and W have also been parents to hamsters, hermit crabs, tree frogs, fish, and fancy rats. We’ve loved many furkids over the years individually and together. Counting our current furkids, we have jointly owned 11 pets. Sadly, our little furry babes always leave us too soon. Here’s our current family zoo.

Meet our little boos/boobaloos/booberries!

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